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So, we've put a lot of information on this webite. And there's more! We've listed some of the questions you might have about Flanders Gravel and added our answer. Is your question not on the list...? Please contact us at We'll make sure to get back to you a.s.a.p.


Why is Flanders Gravel postponed?
This decision has been made based on local health regulations regarding COVID-19. Flanders Gravel is about more than just riding gravel, it's about the festival vibe, the post-race drinks, the good times off the bike. It's simply not possible to organise an event like this within the current and expected regulations in July.
Is my ticket still valid?
Yes, if you already bought a ticket, your ticket will be valid on the new date. 
What's the new date of Flanders Gravel?
Flanders Gravel is postponed to:
Saturday Trooper: October 16, 2021
Weekend Warrior: October 15-17, 2021
Can I get a refund?
It's not possible to refund you're entrance fee if you're not able to make it on the new date.  
The new date has been part of our plans since we launched the event. It's also part of our terms and conditions


What is the deadline for registration for Flanders Gravel?
We only have a limited amount of tickets available, so don't wait too long. Deadline when we're sold out. 
What are the ticket prices?
There are 2 types of tickets available. Check out what's included (it's a lot!) on our package page.

One Day Trooper (July, 2th): € 54,95* - €64,95

Weekend Warrior (July, 1 · 2 · 3): € 154,95* - €174,95

* Ealry bird price - only limited! 
Can I cancel my registration?
After entering Flanders Gravel there is no refund possible. You are free to resell your ticket.
What about COVID-19?
We're experienced in producing events and we keep ongoing contact with local authorities. If necessary, we're able to make Flanders Gravel a COVID-proof event.

Saturday Trooper

When and where can I collect my starter pack?
All other participants will be able to collect their envelope on site. Location will be: Markt, Oudenaard. 
I have a Saturday Trooper Ticket can I enter the camp and festival site on Friday or Sunday?
If you have a Saturday Trooper Ticket you can only enter Flanders Gravel areas on Saturday. 
What Food & Beverages are included?
This is included in your Saturday Trooper Ticket:
  • Pre-ride coffee
  • 2 feed stations with everything a gravel cyclist needs
  • A BBQ Burger lunch (veggie options too) 
  • Free post ride beer (the real deal or alcohol free)

Weekend Warrior

When and where can I collect my starter pack?
You can collect it when at the registration desk on Friday.
What's the size of a camping spot?
The size of the camping spot, included in your entry ticket is: 2,5x2,5 meter. 
I want to bring my camper, is that possible?
A camper spot is not included in the entry package. Upgrades for campers can be booked. 
Is there power on the camp site?
Your camp spot does not have a power outlet. There will be a charging station at the festival area.
What Food & Beverages are included?
This is included in your Weekend Warrior Ticket:

  • Welcome beer (or soda) 
  • A BBQ Burger lunch (veggie options too) 
  • 2 Feedzones with everything a gravel cyclist needs
  • Pre-ride coffee
  • Free post-ride beer (the real deal or alcohol free)
  • Breakfast
Are there showers at the campsite?
We call our campsite the basic campground, but we sure have toilets & showers! 


Is the race open for everyone?
The race is open for pro-am racers. So it's open for everyone, but we strongly suggest only to participate if you're a experienced gravel cyclist. 
What will be the race distance?
If you participate in the race you'll ride the 160K route. 
I just wanna participate in the race so my ride is timed.
We suggest to track your ride with strava. It's much more fun to be in the general event when you're not participating in the race for racing. 


What route are we taking?
Check out the route on this page

The route will be a great mix of Flemish cobbles, unpaved roads, gravel and some tarmac. Since we're in the heart of De Ronde you can expect famous climbs like Koppenberg and Kwaremont too. 
What are the distances I can choose from?
There are three stunning routes, you can choose between 80, 120 and 160K. 

We'll ride in 2 loops: morning loop and afternoon loop. After the morning loop you'lll return to the festival area for a BBQ Burger (it's included). 
Where's the start and finish?
Start will be at De Markt in Oudenaarde.

Finish will be at the summit of Koppenberg. After finishing you go down easy and enjoy the festival at the festival site.
Do I have to pick a distance when I register?
No, you can decide what route you will ride just before you start. Tired after lunch? You can pick the short loop after lunch also. It's all about flexiblity at Flanders Gravel.
Is the route signposted?
Yes the route will be signposted. 
What are DIY routes?
Exclusive for Weekend Warriors we have routes on Friday and Saturday. These routes are not signposted, but will be available on GPS.

Join Laurens ten Dam on Sunday for a post-breakfast Coffee Gravel Ride. 


What bike do I need?
Preferably you'll ride on your gravel bike with wide tires (38mm). But a CX or mountainbike is also an option.
Can I rent a bike?
At this moment we don't have a gravel bike rental partner
Why can't I use my road bike?
You'll simply not make it to the finish. Especially when we've had some rain. 


Can anyone join Flanders Gravel?
The organisation recommends everyone not to perform heavy exercise without sufficient physical preparation. Make smart choices in terms of the distance you wish to complete and the pace you want to ride at. Those who want to exercise at a high intensity, with performance in mind, are urged to get a yearly medical check-up by a qualified (sports) physician.

It is not necessary to present medical certificates. It is up to the participant to decide what to do with his or her medical information. As such the organisation is not responsible in this area.

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