Flanders Gravel Koppenberg

1 · 2 · 3 July 2022

1 · 2 · 3 July

Flanders Gravel Koppenberg
The ingredients: 
Infamous Flemish cobbles, climbs known from the monument, brilliant gravel roads, festival vibe, Belgian Beer and some proper barista-made coffee.
The result:
Flanders Gravel. The classic... on gravel! A full weekend or awesome Saturday gravel festival. A classic already!



€ 64.95

  • Saturday Entry Ticket with signposted routes
  • Nutritious BBQ Burger (veggie too)
  • 2 Feedzones on the route
  • Coffee before start
  • Rider support (mechanics/first aid)
  • A Belgian beer and Flanders Gravel finishers patch or sticker after the finish
  • Access to finish festival
  • A monumental experience with friends
Weekend Warriors of Flanders Gravel enjoying the camp fire


€ 174.95

  • A tent-spot on the Holy Camp Ground (near Koppenberg)
  • A lot of food (2x breakfast, 1x BBQ burger) (veggie too)
  • Weekend Festival with live music, Belgian beer, and more
  • Rider support (mechanics/first aid)
  • 2 Feedzones 
  • Pre-ride Coffee
  • A Belgian beer and Flanders Gravel finishers patch or sticker after the finish


The Flanders Gravel route The Flanders Gravel route

 The classic.... on gravel

80, 120 and 160K. We offer routes for gravel riders of every level. Find out your legs ain't good on Saturday? No problem. You can choose and change your distance at any time without informing the organisation. 

The routes offer a great combination of Flemish cobbles, surprising gravel, unpaved roads and yeah... there will be some tarmac as well. It's the classic, on gravel, so you'll climb hills like the famous Oude Kwaremont and Koppenberg. Halfway there will be a nutritious and tasty lunch (it's included) and barista-made coffee.


It's not a race, but...

Flanders Gravel Koppenberg is the ultimate gravel event. This edition it will be even more special. We added time registration in 6 selected segments, which tells you how fast you are tracking on these segments. Are you the fastest guy or girl in class?


- As a test, we added selected segments with time registration
- You can check your results after the finish
- Depending on the course you choose, you will ride a max of 6 segments
- The total distance of all segments is a max of 45 km
- Very important! Flanders Gravel Koppenberg is not a race. Please respect traffic regulations and road signs (segments included)
- Group start at 08h15 or an individual start after 08h15
- More practical information to be communicated

Segments Segments



What is the deadline for registration for Flanders Gravel Koppenberg?
We only have a limited amount of tickets available, so don't wait too long. Deadline when we're sold out. 
What are the ticket prices?
There are 2 types of tickets available. Check out what's included (it's a lot!) on our tickets page.

Saturday Trooper: € 64.95

Weekend Warrior: € 174.95
Can I cancel my registration?
After entering Flanders Gravel Koppenberg there is no refund possible. You are free to resell your ticket.
Can anyone join Flanders Gravel?
The organisation recommends everyone not to perform heavy exercise without sufficient physical preparation. Make smart choices in terms of the distance you wish to complete and the pace you want to ride at. Those who want to exercise at a high intensity, with performance in mind, are urged to get a yearly medical check-up by a qualified (sports) physician.

It is not necessary to present medical certificates. It is up to the participant to decide what to do with his or her medical information. As such the organisation is not responsible in this area.


What bike do I need?
Preferably you'll ride on your gravel bike with wide tires (42mm). But a CX or mountainbike is also an option.
Can I rent a bike?
Yes, you cant rent a Cinelli Nemo Tig gravelbike (sizes S/L/XL). Price per day is € 75.-
For more information and availability feel free to contact us:
Why can't I use my road bike?
You'll simply not make it to the finish. Especially when we've had some rain. 

Saturday Trooper

When and where can I collect my starter pack?
All other participants will be able to collect their envelope on site. We'll inform you about the exact location a couple of weeks prior to the event. 
What Food & Beverages are included?
This is included in your Saturday Trooper Ticket:
  • Pre-ride coffee
  • 2 feed stations with everything a gravel cyclist needs
  • A BBQ Burger lunch (veggie options too) 
  • Free post ride beer (the real deal or alcohol free)

Weekend Warrior

When and where can I collect my starter pack?
You can collect it when at the registration desk on Friday.
What's the size of a camping spot?
The size of the camping spot, included in your entry ticket is: 2,5x2,5 meter. 
I want to bring my camper, is that possible?
A camper spot is not included in the entry package. Upgrades for campers can be booked. 
Is there power on the camp site?
Your camp spot does not have a power outlet. There will be a charging station at the festival area.
What Food & Beverages are included?
This is included in your Weekend Warrior Ticket:

  • Welcome beer (or soda) 
  • Breakfast
  • A BBQ Burger lunch (veggie options too) 
  • 2 Feedzones with everything a gravel cyclist needs
  • Pre-ride coffee
  • Free post-ride beer (the real deal or alcohol free)
  • Breakfast
Are there showers at the campsite?
We call our campsite the basic campground, but we sure have toilets & showers! 


What route are we taking?
The route will be a great mix of unpaved roads, gravel, paths and some tarmac. 
What are the distances I can choose from?
There are three stunning routes, you can choose between 80, 120 and 160K. 

We'll ride in 2 loops: morning loop and afternoon loop. After the morning loop you'll return to the festival area for a BBQ Burger (it's included). 
Where's the start and finish?
Start and Finish will be near the Koppenberg.
Do I have to pick a distance when I register?
No, you can decide what route you will ride just before you start. Tired after lunch? You can pick the short loop after lunch also. It's all about flexiblity at Flanders Gravel.
Is the route signposted?
Yes the route will be signposted. 
Register now!

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