Two gravel grinders cycling and exploring the Flemish countryside Two gravel grinders cycling and exploring the Flemish countryside

About the event

Flanders Gravel

The ingredients: Infamous Flemmish cobbles, climbs known from the monument, brilliant gravel roads, festival vibe, Belgian Beer and some proper barista-made coffee.
The result: Flanders Gravel. The classic... on gravel! A full weekend or awesome Saturday gravel festival. A classic already! 

We've put al the information in a downloadable package. Get yours! 

General information

What is the date of Flanders Gravel?
Saturday October 16th is "race" day. If you buy one of the limited available weekend tickets, the event will be from Friday till Sunday, 15 · 16 · 17 October. 

What are the ticket prices?
There are 2 types of tickets available. Check out what's included (it's a lot!) on our tickets page.

Saturday Day Trooper (October 16th): € 64,95

Weekend Warrior (October 15 - 17): € 174,95 

What's included in the ticket
Flanders Gravel is a monumental experience. We've included a lot in the tickets, amongst other things: 
  • Awesome routes
  • A extensive BBQ lunch on Saturday
  • A complementary coffee
  • Entrance to our festival with live music and more
Check out what's in. ​​​

What is the route like?
Check out the route on this page. Route may be subject to change. 

Just expect a balanced route with cobbles, unpaved, gravel and tarmac. And yes... you'll climb some of the hills known from Flanders' Finest and see the Flemish countryside like no one ever did. 
What bike do I need?
Preferably you'll ride on your gravel bike with wide tires (38mm). A CX bike or mountainbike is also an option.
What about COVID-19?
Just like you, we are hoping that the situation will be better in October. However, we are prepared just in case: 

We're experienced in producing events and we keep ongoing contact with local authorities. If necessary, we're able to make Flanders Gravel a COVID-proof event.
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Gravel riders passing some chopped trees Gravel riders passing some chopped trees


80, 120 and 160K, we offer routes for gravel riders of every level. Find out your legs ain't good on Saturday? No problem. You can choose and change your distance at any time without informing the organisation. 

The routes offer a great combination of Flemish cobbles, surprising gravel, unpaved roads and yeah... there will be some tarmac as well. It's the classic, on gravel, so you'll climb hills like the famous Oude Kwaremont and Koppenberg. Halfway there will be a nutritious and tasty lunch (it's included) and barista-made coffee.

Check out our routes

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